The trio is explosive: The tracks on the CD are open in style and plunge into the roots of American popular music, blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, boogie…with a fiery hot energy.Blues Again Magazine Gilles Blampain

Jersey Julie Band

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Jersey Julie, is a woman full of talent and energy. This woman of talent, not to mention her gentleness, availability to others, openness of spirit, and sense of friendship among other advantages & qualities is an excelling singer/saxophone player of the blues, who, with her band  seems to ‘set the stage on fire’ wherever they play…”  Blues & Co Blues Magazine, Michel Faton

The American Jersey Julie Band made the audience sweat: The singer and saxophonist Jersey Julie and her band have devoted body and soul of roots music: With Folk, Blues , Rockabilly and a touch of Gospel, Julie is a bundle of energy with an exhilarating stage show on the dance floor, pulling the audience into her spell and deservedly winning a standing ovation, grand-stand applause. Concert-goers went to the dance floor and moved from the Jersey Julie’s hot rhythms. With musicality and their incomparable positive charisma the public was infected, laughing, clapping, dancing. Julie loves the contact with the gathered fans so much, that the small, lively lady along with her saxophone also happily mixed among the people. Thus gaining her band an incredible presence and winning the hearts of the audience, which in turn not only gained her much applause, but also got her drinks, delivered, served, held and poured for her on the stage.”  Jungfrau Zeitung Journal

Jersey Julie, American sax player and singer from New Jersey, appears here with her fantastic smokin’ trio of Rockin’ Roots and Blues groove. Jersey Julie started performing, playing sax and singing from the age of 5 on stages and venues throughout New Jersey and New York, where she grew up around Broadway stages and fantastic jazz clubs. Her blues experience started in Chicago, where she lived for 8 years, hopping from blues club to different bands, composing for theatre pieces, learning the ropes and jamming all night with some of the greatest players around, all of them giving her the name Jersey Julie (“that little girl from Jersey that blows and sings her lungs out”). After traveling around Paris she was picked up on the road by a hot American traveling blues act and brought back to the USA to play in the south, in Atlanta GA, for 5 years. There, she created great life long friendships and was “schooled by” many incredible southern blues men and women who became her family and mentors. She’s recorded for the Music Maker Label in 2004, alongside several of these amazing artists from the southern USA and formed the Jersey Julie Band in 2010. Julie’s story is one of adventure and traveling the world, searching out the best in the human experience and bringing along all the great wonderful people for a fantastic ride. She’s appeared in festivals across Europe and the Americas, consistently winning over audiences with her authentic joy for music, artistic expression, deep emotion, complete freedom, infectious rhythmic dancing, and her crystal-clear true love and admiration for her fellow musicians.” Joined on stage by husband Oli Mas on guitar & vocals, and best friend Chris Ben on piano & vocals. Both OIi and Chris are fantastic and soulful singers and players, who have leagues of their own fans and own accomplishments throughout their fabulous colorful years playing music!!

Jersey Julie Band’s first release Goosebumps, gives its listeners thrills and chills as it combines a rockin’, rockabilly, gospel country, funk feel. The whole Cd is built around guitar, sax, stand-up bass, and piano – no drummer, just Julie stomping on a board or on tambourine. The album flies like a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. Goosebumps has received 100% incredible amazing positive reviews from Blues Magazines, Radio and Journals across the world. Often given honorable mentions like “Coup de Coeur” and Best of 2012. The group is now currently in the studio working on the next CD for release in the autumn of 2017.

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Discover Jersey Julie Band, a trio who departs with a fiery great energy and creates a contagious yet delicate groove of blues. The trio, Jersey Julie on saxophone and vocals, Oli on guitar and vocals … get the crowd swinging and their new album “Goosebumps” says it all!  Le Dauphine Libere Stacey Gosselin

Devastating charm Powerful and full of swing Natural and Raw Julie’s an energetic singer who is soulful and at ease in all registers Rich and Varied A dose of happiness condensed into 17 tracks”   MY HEAD IS A JUKEBOX Regis Gaudin



“OK, pardon me and let me pull myself together, re-arrange my hair. I finished listening to this CD with a huge smile on my face… we can say that the JERSEY JULIE BAND has it all … of course the dynamic singing of Julie and in concert it is sure to be even better … This cocktail; at its base is boogie, rock’n’roll, blues, jazz, soul; is good sparkling bubbly served by a group that blends so obviously well and does it with the palpable pleasure of playing and creating their own universe. Hotly and Highly Recommended . “Rockabilly Fever”, It’s suddenly magic, and we go directly from [recording studio in France] to the mythic SUN Records Studio to meet Johnny Cash and Elvis’s ghosts. What an amazing sax solo, really Jersey Julie plays on velvet.   Julie comes from New Jersey..  land of Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Zakk Wylde, Bill Evans, Count Basie;  to which we may soon need to add this saxophonist singer to the list if she continues to create albums of this quality, but we’re coming back to this topic soon. Before settling in the South of France, Julie traveled around a lot with her duo “The Vagabonds” or accompanying musicians (was part of the band, played full concerts or sat-in for a song or two) with Derek Trucks, Tinsley Ellis, Lucky Peterson, Drink Small, Cootie Stark, Cora Mae Bryant, Robert Randolph, Cyril Neville.”  BCR Rockin’ JL

“This record is a great surprise. Don’t pass up the chance to be close to this little marvel. Goosebumps will give you goosebumps.” BluesMAGAZINE Christian Le Morvan

Jersey Julie Band had the energy soaring in the Old Town Hall. In particular, the opening act with power woman, singer and saxophonist Jersey Julie created a red-hot atmosphere. This was mainly due to the spirited front woman who drove forward the show with great enthusiasm across the genres rockabilly, bluegrass, gospel and blues. Already the first song carried you away, fast and hard, with a bright and carrying voice.To fit in perfectly there was the crisp, precise playing of guitarist Olivier Mas, who got the great chance for the space for solos to express himself on guitar and slide guitar. Their own compositions such as “Sweet Perfume”, visibly more listeners got up from their seats to dance to the infectious rhythms. In addition, the brand new composition – a kind of Motown Pop Blues “Tears on My Face “, showed the band in a new light. With this song, the gospel singing and voice of Jersey Julie showed you all she’s got!” Badische-Zeitung Journal Silke Hartenstein

“The band absolutely lived up to their reputation knocking most everybody’s socks off. Regardless of mainstream styles the trio, with its deep commitment  to music,  cast a spell over the audience – due not least to the wonderful simplicity of their “hand made music“.  Der Rheintaler Switzerland


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New Inverness Jazz Festival in Scotland, Festival Presqu’Ile Blues in Ambialet (FR),

Availles Blues Festival (FR), International Bluesfest Eutin (D), Jazz n’ Blues Rallye Festival in Luxembourg, Autumn With The Blues in Bialystock (PL), UNIVART Festival in Béziers (FR), Hamburg Blues Night (D) Mahogany Hall in Berne (CH), Folk Club Chur (CH), Sargans Jazz and Dixie Club (CH), Hall Blues Club (FR), Festival Swing les Pieds Dans l’Orb in Béziers (FR), Premian Culture Festival (FR), Sierre Blues Festival (CH), Pic Sonne in Valloire (FR), Ampuis Blues Festival (FR), Guitare en Save in Montaigut sur Save (FR), St Izaire Blues (FR), les Voix de la Libération in Sérignan (FR), Féria de Béziers (FR), Festival d’Art Singulier in St Cyprien (FR), Volcanic Blues in Mont Dore (FR), Engelberg Music Nights (CH), Eden Blues District in Oraison (FR), Gartempe Blues Festival (FR), Blues Nights Gossau (CH), Stedtli Blues in Laufen (CH), Summer Nights Grindelwald (CH), Bühler Blues (CH), Lugano Blues Nights (CH),  Jazz à Sète (FR), Blues In Wonderland in Sérignan (FR), Vully Blues (CH), Blues en Loire in la Charité sur Loire (FR), Marnaz Blues Festival (FR),  Jazz à l’Hospitalet in Narbonne (FR), PlusQ’île festival in Biel (CH), Festival les Chiens Bleu in Najac (FR), les Musicales de l’Agglopole in Salon (FR), Nuit du Blues in Cabanes (FR), Douchapt Blues Festival (FR), Sorede Blues Festival (FR), Entrevaux Music Nights (FR), Blues Café Radio Blues Collective (FR), Festival de Carcassonne (FR). the group has also been invited to the BAG-Blues Association of Genève (CH), the Freiburger Blues Association in Freiburg (D), Bluus Club Baden (CH), also “Nuits de Blues” in Fanjeaux, Douzy, Pontarlier, Pézenas, Agde, Nîmes… also for the “Fêtes de la Musique” in Modane, Portiragnes, Béziers.