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  • 28-10-2016 Restaurant KERZE Schaffhausen

    Schaffhausen, Switzerland 21h30

    Stadthausgasse 17, Schaffhausen

    Oldest, coolest bar in this beautiful city. We love it here, always a rockin' party. Our 4th time here and it's going to be a blast. Thanks for the invite, see you there friends!!!

  • 31-10-2016 Cotton Club

    Hamburg, Germany, 8.30pm

    Alter Steinweg 10

    We hope all our fans and new friends will be there with us this night. Halloween Night!!!! 

  • 03-11-2016 Bar King
    Neuchatel, Switzerland 21h
    Rue du Seyon 38,
    2000 Neuchâtel, Suisse
    WONDERFUL AWESOME BAR!!! Haven't played there in at least 6 years and I can't wait to see the owners and folks again and present them Jersey Julie Band for the first time!!!
  • 04-11-2016 8 Bar
    Basel, Switzerland 21h
    Altstadt Kleinbasel
    Our first time here!! I heard this place is a great great place with wonderful energy and good times!! Can't wait to see you there Basel fans and friends!

  • 17-11-2016 Jetlag Club

    Bern, Switzerland 21h

    Gerechtigkeitsgasse 53

    15CHF - Price entrance

    DETAILS TO COME (date may change)

    Central ville, beautiful fun club, great ambiance in this cool Keller!!


  • 18-11-2016 Flying Fridays at Wein Berneck!!

    Berneck, CH 21h30

    Come be with us at one of our favorite parties of the year!!! In one of our favorite venues and towns with great friends and fans - and excellent wine from Vineyard Wein Berneck!!

    Center Ville

  • 24-11-2016 Blues C.L.U.B

    Gdynia, PL 20h

    Portowa 9

    Call +48 58 621 09 43 

  • 26-11-2016 Autumn With The Blues, Blues Festival Bialystok Poland

    Bialostocki Osrodek Kultury

    ul. Legionowa 5

    15-281 Bialystok, Poland

    The oldest blues festival in Poland, organized by the Bialystok Cultural Centre. 

    Edition 32 years!!

  • 01-12-2016 Alfonso's Live Music Club

    Munich,DE 10pm Franzstraße 5 80802 OUr first time in Munich at this great well loved club!!! We can't wait!! Just after we play the blues festival in Bialystock Poland!!

    +49 89 338835

  • 03-12-2016 San Michele Ristorante - GRANDE ARRIVEDIRCI FESTA

    Arosio, Switzerland 21h


    My favorite place in the world closes it's doors. My first tour to Switerland I met Monica Beurgin, of San Michele Ristorante, Albergo, Concert Venue. She has been like an angel to me ever since. I love her truly, this is the place for a great amazing wonderful party with all the friends and fans of San Michele and us. We hate to say goodbye, but Monica will now finally get the travel the world and see all the people that have visited her over the last 35 years!!

    TOP DECORATED 'CHEF MONI' - will cook and serve her final meal at San Michele, her speicalties and fine cuisine will last you a lifetime. Unforgettable experience at this blue hotel on the mountain!!