Great tour coming up November 5-24 2013

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Hi Friends and Fans – We’re on the road a lot and it’s getting a little wild.  We’re truly enjoying all of these great times and friendships and music. There is so much to experience on the road and new songs to write and also a time just to focus on the concerts and playing and trying to forget all the other “media responsibilities” that are thrown on top of us – Facebook, Pinterest, Videos, Photos….. Just a chance to forget and make music. In the next year we’ll be playing some of the clubs and festivals I’ve dreamed of playing for many years. This is going to be a blockbuster year so I’m getting into the gym, starting yoga again, drinking fresh juices and veggies and really getting ready to have my routine in place so I can enjoy 2014 as the best year ever. Great reviews coming in all the time – Here is the latest from a German Paper Badische-Zeitgung October 31 2013

In English here:

Already the Warm-Up Band Fueled a Hot Atmosphere!

Delta Moon and Julie Jersey Band played at the second Weiler Blues Night in the Old Town Hall, Altes Rathaus.

More Than a Warm-Up : Jersey Julie Band

Delta Moon and Julie Jersey band had the energy soaring in the second Weiler Blues Night in the Old Town Hall. In particular, the opening act with power woman, singer and saxophonist Jersey Julie went above and beyond her role as a warm-up and created a red-hot atmosphere in the well-attended vaulted cellar. This was mainly due to the spirited , full-bodied front woman who drove forward the show with great enthusiasm across the genres rockabilly, bluegrass, gospel and blues. Already the first song carried you away with a sound earthy, fast and hard. Jersey Julie sang “Don’t Worry No More” with a bright and carrying voice.

To fit in perfectly there was the crisp, precise playing of guitarist Olivier Mas, who got the great chance for the space for solos to express himself on guitar and slide guitar . Like a shot, the riffs came with the Willie Dixon song “I Got All You Need”, a fast-paced Chicago Blues, in which Jersey Julie’s jazzy saxophone riffs/runs put even more accents .

No idea what Stephane Blanc’s bass (built in 1898) has already seen in the course of its long life – but it’s missing nothing now, on the road with this music and this band. During their own compositions such as “Sweet Perfume”, visibly more listeners got up from their seats to dance to the infectious rhythms . In addition, the brand new composition – a kind of Motown Pop Blues “Tears on My Face “, showed the band in a new light. With this song, the gospel singing and voice of Jersey Julie showed all its value (came to its best/a completeness).

By Silke Hartenstein

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