“The big news is Multiball is ready for release. Jersey Julie Band’s 2nd Album! Waiting on delivery.


For your copy, come on to the shows on tour in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and France, which begins 30th May-July 10th. Or write us for a copy!!


It will be available soon everywhere, but get your signed copy from us. We can’t wait for you to hear it, share it, love it!”

“Jersey Julie, is a woman full of talent and energy. This woman of talent, not to mention her gentleness, availability to others, openness of spirit, and sense of friendship among other advantages & qualities is an excelling singer/saxophone player of the blues, who, with her band seems to ‘set the stage on fire’ wherever they play…”

Blues & Co Blues Magazine, Michel Faton


“The American Jersey Julie Band made the audience sweat. The singer and saxophonist Jersey Julie and her band have devoted body and soul of roots music. With Folk, Blues , Rockabilly and a touch of Gospel, Julie is a bundle of energy with an exhilarating stage show on the dance floor, pulling the audience into her spell and deservedly winning a standing ovation, grand-stand applause. Concert-goers went to the dance floor and moved from the Jersey Julie’s hot rhythms. With musicality and their incomparable positive charisma the public was infected, laughing, clapping, dancing. Julie loves the contact with the gathered fans so much, that the small, lively lady along with her saxophone also happily mixed among the people. Thus gaining her band an incredible presence and winning the hearts of the audience, which in turn not only gained her much applause, but also got her drinks, delivered, served, held and poured for her on the stage.”

Jungfrau Zeitung Journal