“The trio is explosive: The tracks on the CD are open in style and plunge into the roots of American popular music, blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, boogie…with a fiery hot energy.”

-Blues Again Magazine Gilles Blampain-

Quick Update !

Hi Everyone, Julie and Olivier are on tour in Switzerland this week and also visiting lots of friends and adding some small parts to our CD while in Basel. We just had an amazing time playing the Honky Tonk Festival in St Gallen on 28th April and we head to Ticino for a concert on Friday 4th May at Locanda Del Giglio in Roveredo above the village of Teserette. We’re going to see you all there in Ticino!!! Our family of great friends and fans are coming in numbers. Can’t wait to see everyone in this beautiful heavenly place.

We are mixing and mastering the CD. We’re recornind more to maybe give you a double CD of full band and us in duo. Why not, right? We’re totally into this recording mode now, so I don’t want to stop. We’ll have the CD out as soon as we can so hang in there.

We’re back in St Gallen for Festival Open Air on 28 June and 30 June we are in Grenschen for a great time at the Feel Good Music Bistro. Our next big longer tour in Switzerland starts around 15th October-20 November. For the summer Olivier and I will work on putting out this CD and enjoying our home and the outdoors and sports. We need to have a different kind of fun for a few months and see friends when the sun shines.

With loads of love from the band to all of you.. see you soon. Xoxo and happiness!

April 30th